Our Story

We understand that the drawings we produce are only a communicative medium to guide the implementation process. We believe in extensive construction involvement combined with a long term commitment to the maturation of the project. We achieve this through our project review program.

Background Dots

Our Mission

To create dynamic places that balance the natural, cultural, economic and architectural elements of a project through artful and creative design.

Our Philosophy

Libra means balance and harmony. Libra Design Group was created to bring balance and harmony to all of our design efforts.

Our Partnerships

Libra Design Group has partnered with Brian Nonemaker with SGN+A, ASLA and Jim Hall, AICP, BLA with Hall Development Services to provide another layer of expertise and experience under the direction of Brian Davis.

Brian E. Nonemaker, ASLA

Senior Principal
SGN+A, Atlanta


Brian and Brian are both Purdue University graduates who established a branch office in Tampa, Florida for Enviro Design. There they serviced the firms’ Florida clientele that included Trammel Crowe, Lincoln Property Group and Paragon Group.

Jim Hall, AICP, BLA

Hall Development Services, Orlando


Brian and Jim have been professional colleagues for over 30 years. Initially, as Principals in their respective disciplines at a large Architectural and Planning firm in Orlando and later as they established their own firms.

Landscape Architecture and Site Planning

About Our Logo

Our logo represents our philosophy and approach to our work. The triangle represents the birth of a project, with the three points representing the owner, the design team and the contractor, all working together to realize the original vision.

The circle represents the creative design process that is ongoing and flexible, allowing input from the project’s stakeholders. The square represents the construction and maturation process, including the four stages of a project.

Meet the Team

Brian F. Davis, ASLA

Brian F. Davis, ASLA


Mr. Davis has spent the last twenty five years practicing the art of Landscape Architecture on many exciting and diverse projects. A graduate of Purdue University, he began his career in his hometown of Indianapolis with Interdesign Group but soon after moved to Dallas, where in the early 80’s he executed various projects throughout the Southwest and Florida for Texas developers such as Trammel Crow Company, Lincoln Property Company and Paragon Group.

After spending a year in Dallas with Enviro Design, he and a college established a branch office for the firm in Tampa, servicing the firms’ Florida clientele. In 1987, he joined Canin Associates in Orlando as director of Landscape Architecture where he was tasked with building the Landscape Architectural practice. Mr. Davis, over the next sixteen years, built the group into a powerhouse, executing resorts and master planned communities for national and international names such as Marriott, Fairfield, Disney, Terrabrook and many others. He established his own diverse practice, Libra Design Group, in June 2004, where today he continues to execute world class architectural environments throughout the Southeast and abroad.

Jason Davis

Jason Davis


As Principal, Jason has over ten years’ experience with Libra Design group working on a myriad of projects of varying complexity. Those include Multifamily, Resorts, Themed Entertainment Complexes, Master Planned Communities and Hotels.

His varied and in-depth involvement includes all levels of landscape construction documentation, architectural design, and permitting agency submittals. In addition, Jason is responsible for the day-to-day operations, including interfacing with clients, and project scheduling. He is skilled at AutoCAD, Sketchup and Photoshop. Jason is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, a Minor in Art and Design and a Minor in Horticulture.